So the saying goes; if you have hope you have every thing. But hope is like a light at the end of a tunnel and that light is never bright but dim. It gets brighter as you approaches it. Yes dim but gets brighter. How dim is your hope so dim you cant even see... Continue Reading →


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ZANZIBAR The “Spiced Island”

Thirty-five kilometers off the coast of east-central Africa lies the island Zanzibar. Surrounded by the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean,lined with white beaches and adorned with undulating hills and palm trees that sway in the trade winds, Zanzibar is truly a picturesque island. While relatively small--85 kilometers at its greatest length and 39... Continue Reading →

Some Tips on How to Use Television Carefully.

Television acts as "the main story teller, baby-sitter and molder of public opinion," notes Not in the Public Interest-Local TV News in America, a report compiled by a media-watch group in the United States. "TV is all around us ........ Like secondhand smoke, it's in the air." And just as secondhand smoke  is harmful, so absorbing hours... Continue Reading →

Does the moon influence your life?

For thousands of years, men have believed that the moon governs aspect of life on earth. It has been thought that the moon's phases have an effect on plants, animals, and even humans. While some long cherished notions have been disproved by modern scientific research , other beliefs persist to this day. What do the... Continue Reading →

“The number of migrants crossing illegally from Mexico to the U.S. has declined dramatically. Yet the rugged borderlands of southern Arizona have become a death zone.” via Death in the Desert — Longreads

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