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“How to Write the ‘Other’ (Without Being a Jerk)” | Samia Rahman

Writer Interrupted

bySamia Rahman

So, how can you write about issues or experiences that you find to be culturally alien, yet do it well? Perhaps the first step is to acknowledge that embarking upon such a task comes with responsibility, and you might want to think carefully about your motivation. Is this a subject that you can do justice to, providing voices for stories that may not otherwise be heard? Objectivity and authenticity are notoriously difficult to achieve. Be honest with yourself and constructively consider your strengths and limitations. Ultimately, if you have the self-belief then go for it!

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Some Tips on How to Use Television Carefully.

Television acts as "the main story teller, baby-sitter and molder of public opinion," notes Not in the Public Interest-Local TV News in America, a report compiled by a media-watch group in the United States. "TV is all around us ........ Like secondhand smoke, it's in the air." And just as secondhand smoke  is harmful, so absorbing hours … Continue reading Some Tips on How to Use Television Carefully.

“The number of migrants crossing illegally from Mexico to the U.S. has declined dramatically. Yet the rugged borderlands of southern Arizona have become a death zone.” via Death in the Desert — Longreads